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How To Meet Filipina Girls

Just by walking randomly around the city, you will get plenty of looks from Filipino women, even more so than in Thailand and that’s partly because there are fewer foreigners so you’re more of a celebrity out here. The best places to meet Filipino girls in public are certainly shopping malls. First of all, they are in a good mood when buying and the second they are not really in a race or at work and this means you catch them at the perfect moment.

The problem is that even if they look at you nicely and even smile, this does not necessarily mean they will take the first step to talking to you. Filipina girls are shy in public and even if the malls are great to meet them you need to overcome the problem of them being too shy to talk to you because they do not like to be watched by all the other folks around you. You can find my advice and strategy on how to pick up girls in malls at this article.

Meet Filipino Girls on Online Dating Sites

If you pay for a female company which is not for everyone, or if you want to avoid spending time and money on girls in bars and clubs then there is a fourth way to go about meeting girls in the Philippines:

Dating sites. There are more people (girls and guys) who register on these very popular sites every month and then conveniently arrange their home meetings or elsewhere just using their laptop or smartphone. Filipino girls can be very shy in public, but since they know that no one is watching chat online, they are much easier to talk to and more willing to meet you for a drink, dinner or simply come to watch a movie in your room.

There are many dating sites around, but this one is free and is the most popular is Pina Love.  The most popular paid one (which means less competition) is Filipino Cupid.

I hope you have a good overview now on how to meet girls in the Philippines and if you have any questions feel free to shoot me a message, I will help where I can. Or if you want to share your experiences or the best methods of meeting Filipino girls then I would love to hear from you too.