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Some Basic Dog Feeding Guidelines

caninesCheaper rations, or industrial food?  This is a common question that dog owners ask when trying to decide what to feed their pooch.

It is possible, but not necessarily advisable, to feed your dog with a household ration: it is necessary to avoid table scrap feedings for dogs cause they will grow used to this.  Also, you need to build a balanced ratio of proteins, carbohydrates and lipids, vitamins and mineral salts. This result is rather difficult to obtain on a daily basis over the long term, and a canine accustomed to chopped steak from an early age will not be very satisfied if one day you all of a sudden change.

In a very strategic way, a household ration consists of a third of meat (steak, chicken), a third of rice, and a third of vegetables (to add fiber, avoid certain vegetables). An adult needs, 50 grams per kg and per day. Double this for growing dogs, with vitamin and mineral supplementation.

Bone, or no bone?

This is a controversial subject! Chewing bones helps to fight the installation of tartar, and to have a mouth that’s in better shape. But not all dogs digest the bones well, and if there is one that gets stuck in the dog’s throat or intestine, blocking and/or tearing the wall … then it is in huge trouble! A very large bone, on which the animal will chew for several days without being able to eat it is ideal.

Random Other tips

In case of chronic disease, which is more common in elderly dogs (renal failure or joint problems, for example), you need a food that is of the “therapeutic” range as it will help them more.

And a few more tips:

Once a suitable food has been found and is working for the dog, avoid changing it too often. After each change, a food transition should not be made for a while.

It is possible to give treats to your working dog, to please him … and to give yourself pleasure at the same time, provided you remain reasonable … and not to give him anything at the table!

Do not forget to always ensure that your dog has fresh and clean water at his disposal. Make sure that you have a good cage for your pet too.  If you need help choosing then look at these bestdogcrates.net/escape-proof-cages/.  Also, make sure to have some toys in there for your pooch so they can get rid of any crate boredom that they have.