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My statement on Rob Ford taking time off to seek help

Posted on May 1, 2014 by sketchy

I have spent some time thinking about how to respond to the news that Rob Ford is taking a short leave from his role as mayor and his campaign for re-election to get some help for his substance abuse problems. As a performer I portray a drug and alcohol abusing clown who makes sexually inappropriate comments. My goal is neither to glorify those attributes nor to make fun of those who are suffering from addiction. When faced with the reality behind my portrayal I think it is important to address these things properly.

I believe that Rob Ford should step down as mayor and drop out of the election. I have talked to recovering addicts and they have all stated that it takes more than thirty days to begin the road to recovery. A six to nine month program where you are doing nothing but working on understanding your own motivations and behaviour is what is required. You need to be committed and do it voluntarily. You can’t remain in denial. The only thing that you need to change is everything. Rob Ford needs to get out of office and get off the campaign trail. He needs to undergo group and individual therapy and add some structure to his life. He will have to spend most of that time away from his family and friends. It is a tough thing to commit to but he stands a good chance of coming out of this as a better person than when he started. I wish him well and hope to see marked improvement and I suggest to him that he can run again in four more years.