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Working Dogs


pupMany of the works discussed below can be performed by various breeds of dogs, as well as mixed breed dogs.

Although these races have always worked, there still some breeds of¬†dogs that can’t be trained.

Here are some of the most common types of working dogs :

Police Dogs

The police dogs, usually called K9 or K9, are specifically trained to assist police and other law enforcement officials. Police dogs protect agents and may pursue and detain suspected criminals who try to flee the police.

In some cases, K-9 can be trained to sniff substances, although these dogs can also be categorized as detection dogs.

They are trained to carry out the following functions:

  • Detecting Explosives
  • Drug Detection
  • Defense and Attack
  • Detection of Fire Accelerators
  • Search and Localization of Human Remains
  • Location of Hidden People

Detection Dogs

The detection dogs have an exceptional sense of smell. A detection dog is trained to sniff out a substance or group of substances. Common types of substances that these dogs have to sniff include:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Explosives
  • Blood
  • Hair samples

Some detection dogs even learn to detect cancer, some types of insects, and many more things.

Military Working Dogs

Like police dogs, military working dogs help members of the armed forces with their operations. These dogs can be used as detectors, trackers, guards or lookouts, scouts, and for search and rescue.

Therapy Dogs

Zootherapy or animal-assisted therapy (TAA) involves the use of animals trained and certified as part of the therapeutic plan of a medical patient.

These therapy dogs offer emotional support to sick or injured people, often visiting hospitals and nursing homes.

Search and Rescue Dogs

The dog’s search and rescue have great agility and exceptional senses of smell and hearing.

These highly trained animals serve in many different fields, including tracking, specialized hunting, avalanche rescue and the search for a corpse.

Grazing Dogs

The herding dogs work with different types of livestock such as sheep and cattle. A shepherd dog is basically born for this job, which means that the dog is a specific breed belonging to a group of grazing breeds.

However, not all grazing breeds are expert shepherds in a natural way. Some can perfect their skills with training, while others are more suitable for companion dogs.

Service Dogs

Service dogs are working dogs that have been specially trained to assist people with disabilities.

Guide Dog

In each country there are a number of special laws regarding service dogs and their treatment in public places; for example, can go public transport.

Some examples of service dogs are guide dogs for the blind, mobility assistance dogs, seizure alert dogs and much more.

There are many other types of working dogs that do not appear on this list, and each time new types of work are developed for dogs.

It is not it amazing what dogs can do?